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Miss. News Briefs: Gang Rape Lands Three in Jail, It’s Not Publisher’s Clearing House on the Phone

JACKSON, Miss.–If you’ve ever been the victim of a violent crime, you know that having the guy or guys who did it still on the streets is an awful worry. That’s not the case any more for a woman in the capital city. Here are some news briefs to breeze you through your Tuesday:

A Scam alert. News Miss. has learned that someone claiming to be Publisher’s Clearing House has been calling people in Calhoun Co. asking for money to deliver prizes to your door. Don’t fall for it. Publisher’s Clearing House won’t do that.

If you’ve never heard of telehealth, maybe you want to give it a try. It’s like having a doctor in your house, except the doctor is on your computer or your cell phone screen. That’s already happening in some parts of Mississippi and now your DC lawmakers, Senators Cochran and Wicker, say they’re trying to bring it to the rest of the country with a new bill they’ve brought to the US Senate. If you’re on Medicare, the new bill would help get you access to the new technology.

Imagine having a gun pointed in your face and being told to take off your clothes. It was three guys that raped a woman at a gas station in the capital city last week. Now police say they have them under arrest and they won’t be getting out on bond. At least not for now. They are Jalon Jones, 20, and Edward Samuel, 18, Marquise Samuel, 18 Police say the men were caught on video.

If you don’t do Facebook or you don’t dig Twitter, we’re not trying to sell you on it, but after you hear this one, you’ve gotta admit that it’s a pretty good tool sometimes. Santangela Davis went missing in Pascagoula this weekend. The word went out and people were sharing the picture all over the place. She was found in Moss Point, not days, but just hours from when she went missing, say police there. She’s back with her mom.

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