Facebook “bug” affects 6.8 million users

Photos and videos are a big part of the experience on Facebook. And the tech giant said earlier today that a “bug” in September may have exposed people’s photos to third-party apps. Apps they hadn’t given permission to. The time period in question was from September 13 to September 25 of this year. “When someone … Continue reading “Facebook “bug” affects 6.8 million users”

How to delete your Twitter history

In recent weeks, several high-profile people have come under fire for tweets they made years ago. Disney fired director James Gunn from the third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy for “inappropriate tweets” and a Milwaukee Brewers pitcher came under fire for tweets he made when he was 17 years old. So what do you … Continue reading “How to delete your Twitter history”

Insurance rates could be based on your Facebook posts

Did you know that your insurance rates could be based on what you post on Facebook? Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney stopped by The Gallo Show on SuperTalk Mississippi Wednesday morning to cover a wide range of topics including an update on flood insurance cost increase, as well as insurance companies gathering data on everyone from … Continue reading “Insurance rates could be based on your Facebook posts”

What does Facebook actually know about you?

Starting today, Facebook will be alerting people who were affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Last week, the social network site announced the number of people who had their data stolen was actually 87 million, not 50 million as previously reported by the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower. If your data was among those stolen, a notice … Continue reading “What does Facebook actually know about you?”

Facebook hiring thousands to look for violent videos

We’ve been talking about this on The Dugle Report for the last few weeks – violent videos posted on Facebook. In one instance, video of a murder was on the social media platform for two hours before Facebook was alerted and took it down. Today – Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook was adding 3,000 people to … Continue reading “Facebook hiring thousands to look for violent videos”

The Dugle Report: 7 ways to spot ‘fake news’

The term “fake news” isn’t new – it’s been around for decades, but last year Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, used the term in a speech. Then, in January, then President-Elect Donald Trump called a major media outlet “fake news”. The term has taken off and it seems more and more hoax websites are popping … Continue reading “The Dugle Report: 7 ways to spot ‘fake news’”

How to talk to your kids about social media safety

This week, we heard reports of a 14-year-old Chicago boy charged with sexual assault after broadcasting the assault of a young girl over Facebook Live. Then in Michigan, a mom claims her 11-year-old son killed himself after his girlfriend faked her death on social media. It’s a reminder that parents need to talk to their kids … Continue reading “How to talk to your kids about social media safety”

Don’t get caught in a Facebook spear phishing attack

The scams are getting more intricate online as scammers will do anything to steal your data. They’ll even create fake friend profiles and try to get you to friend them. Have you ever gotten one of those friend requests from someone you’re already friends with? The latest approach is where scammers take your friend’s pictures, … Continue reading “Don’t get caught in a Facebook spear phishing attack”