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Pike County Sheriff’s Department makes sarcastic post on heroin overdose, gets backlash

PIKE COUNTY, MISS– Pike County law enforcement agents have had it with heroin overdoses in their area, and they want to talk to the dealers responsible. “The Pike County Sheriff’s Department has responded to several Heroin overdoses over the weekend,” said a representative from the department on the page’s Facebook. “In an effort to educate and protect the public, we are offering free testing of your Heroin.”


The sarcastic post also offers to consult a heroin dealer’s skills, if the address and contact information is provided.

While many of the followers of the page found the post to be funny, others were disapproving of the department’s message.

“Someone will end up falling for this and end up getting hurt!” one user posted. “There’s a better way to handle this! Praying for the ones that are gone and the ones that are still out there using! There’s a better way, you just have to be willing to change and ask for help!”

Another said the post was disrespectful to those who have lost loved ones to addiction.

“To soon for jokes families lost loved ones to over doses last night. Why not make a well informed post and actually test samples of the drugs found to see if they been cut with the synthetic drug that’s been killing people all over the united states. So family members of possible addicts are informed. Provide the service offered. If I want comedy I’ll add a comedy page.”

The Pike County Sheriff’s Department did not immediately respond to comment. News Mississippi will continue to follow this story.

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