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Miss. News Briefs: Why Not to Play With a Gun, The Man Who Tried to Buy a Child

MERIDIAN, Miss.–Playing with a loaded gun is never a good idea. That’s what one kid in Meridian told a man who was tossing it around like it was a toy. This is what happened when the gun went off. Here are some news briefs to kick-start your Christmas week:

Don’t play with a gun. That’s the lesson here, and there’s a couple of reasons. WTOK in Meridian reports that 20-year-old Mondrick Martin was treating a loaded gun like a toy Saturday afternoon, and one of the kids around told him he didn’t need to be doing that. Low and behold, the gun went off. Shot the kid in the leg. Turns out Martin is a convicted felon, not supposed to have the gun, so he was arrested. The kids is gonna be ok.

Waynesboro. A night of fun at the club Saturday, then gunshots. Shaurice Cunningham, 23, died at the hospital. Other people hurt and police could use a call if you know anything.

It was ID theft in DeKalb and Ashley Boren has been arrested. She was a bank teller and police say she used that info to steal IDs and then money. She may have had Christmas for her kids on your dime.

Driving drunk: If you do it, you put everybody on the road at risk. Driving the point home is the story of Audonus Taylor of Fulton. Cops say he was drunk when he ran a checkpoint Saturday night on Hwy. 371, and he hit a deputy. The deputy’s gonna be ok, but Taylor was charged with DUI.

Keeping your kids safe: Trying to buy a child for sex. That’s the charge against Randy Griffin of Lauderdale County. Deputies there say he is charged with human trafficking under a new state law that could land him in the pen for 30 years if he’s found guilty. Deputies say he tried to solicit an adult for sex, then asked that adult to hand a child over to him.

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