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Miss. Tea Party Shows Support for Vaccine Choice Bill

JACKSON, Miss. – The Mississippi Tea Party is now showing support for a vaccine choice bill (HB 130) which is being discussed at the state legislature.
In Mississippi, children have to be vaccinated before attending school unless they are exempt for medical reasons. If passed, the vaccine choice bill would change that, allowing for philosophical exemptions.

According to Mississippi Tea Party Chairman Laura Van Overschelde, the bill goes hand and hand with one of the Tea Party’s basic principles of having a “Constitutionally Limited Government. She also accuses the Mississippi Department of health for exercising “inordinate pressure on physicians and clinics to heavy vaccination schedules, sometimes in contradiction to prudent “best practices.”

The Tea Party says they are calling on the Mississippi Legislature to carefully review the bill to “protect children, families and liberty in Mississippi.”

According to State Epidemiologist Dr. Thomas Dobbs with the Mississippi State Department of Health (MDHS), the bill would allow for individuals to sign a piece of paper to get notary and then they would get an automatic exemption.

“If it’s too easy, and people just don’t get vaccines because it’s the easiest thing to do, we are going to see kids die from unnecessary diseases,” said Dobbs during an interview on the Paul Gallo Radio show.

Also, State Health Officer, Dr. Mary Currier, weighed in saying the current state law is for the common good.

“If you decide to not have your child vaccinated, you are not just affection that child, you are affecting the kids and adults and infants around that child. So it’s not your child only that you are making that decision for.”

According to the Mississippi Tea Party, arguments for the “Common Good” are socialist arguments.

The full Tea Party Release:

In agreement with one of our basic Principles, “Constitutionally Limited Government” The Ms Tea Party supports HB 130.


Whereas: Constitutionally Limited Government substantiates the right of the individual to make decisions prudent for himself and his family, the basic building block of civil Society,


Whereas: The principles set forth in the Sacred Documents, the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence:  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness demand that we exercise our God-given rights of Individual liberty guided by personal responsibility,


Whereas: Associations of Big Pharma and State Government has diminished this free exercise to make prudent decisions for self-regulation, medical prerogatives for healthy living, and individual freedom,


Whereas, We (the Ms Tea Party) have seen increasing encroachment of government to remove individual freedom in preference to the “Common Good” (a Socialist argument) even when the posit is not substantially proven and even disproven in other States,

Whereas: Scientific investigations have shown that Mississippi is the most heavily vaccinated population in the U.S. by demand of the Ms Department of Health,


Whereas:  Appearing in news reports that the CDC is preventing evidence of Vaccination injury, reactions such as autism, seizure disorders, and deaths are being suppressed to prevent necessary public awareness resulting in less than informed consent to parental rights for their children


Whereas:  Ms Department of Health exercises inordinate pressure on physicians and clinics to heavy vaccination schedules, sometimes in contradiction to prudent “best practices”,


The Ms Tea Party calls on the  Ms Legislature to review carefully HB 130 to protect children, families and liberty in Mississippi.

May God SAVE America

Laura Van Overschelde

Chairman MSTP

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