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Mississippi business: what makes it great?

Photo courtesy of Telesouth Communications

With Governor Bryant’s Made in Mississippi Week, some people may be asking themselves ‘what makes Mississippi business so great?’

Jay Moon, CEO of the Mississippi Manufacturers Association says the answer is threefold.

“I think we have a great location,” said Moon. “Logistically, we are three million people. We are not the market, but you can access the major markets of the United States very very quickly by automobile, by train, or airplane, or whatever mode that you like. Even by barge and shipping.”

Moon says the other reason why Mississippi business is great is found in the people who work in the state.

“We have a great workforce,” said Moon. “Many of the companies in the state say we will stand Mississippi’s workforce against anybody else.”

However, moon says that there are some things the state could improve upon.

“We’ve got infrastructure that we need improvements with,” said Moon. “All states are looking at improving their infrastructure their roads, their bridges and all that, but we’ve got good infrastructure. All of those things combined and a very supportive leadership base in the legislature, the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor that understand what it takes to be competitive in the 21st century global marketplace.”

So far this week, Governor Phil Bryant has shined the spotlight on Taylor Machine Works, Helanbak, and Structural Steel Services, Inc.

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