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Mississippi, the Future of Fast Internet

RIDGELAND, Miss. – You could soon have access to internet that is hundred times faster than what you are using now. C Spire announced Tuesday at their Ridgeland headquarters that they are rolling out a new internet service for your home that runs at up to one gigabit per second.

“This is something that very few communities throughout the country have, and they are offering it here in Mississippi,” said C Spire Brand Product Manager, Jared Baumann.

C Spire already has most of the infrastructure for fiber set up throughout the state since fiber cables are already underground for their cellular towers. All they have to do now is get those cables into your home. Baumann says that will most likely run into your home through cable or a cat-5 line just like a Comcast or AT&T service.

Tuesday’s conference also heard from an unexpected visitor, the former Mayor of Kansas City, Joe Reardon. He was mayor at the time Kansas City got gigabit internet provided by Google.

“What we really saw were folks coming from as far away as New York, being attracted to affordable gigabit speeds to open up or expand their businesses, which is exciting. We are clearing seeing interest from larger companies too, but growing those small businesses is fundamental to a city, and we are seeing a new dynamic there that we’ve never seen before as a result of this,” said Reardon.

Just how much the C Spire Fiber will cost is still up in the air, but it is said to be “affordable.” As for who gets C Spire fiber first, the company says they will give to the town who wants it the most.

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