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Mississippi Gas Goes Back Up, Expert Blaming Crude Oil Prices

JACKSON, Miss.–If you got gas this weekend in Mississippi, the price on the front of the pump was bad news. It’s headed back up, and experts are saying all the price drops that happened over the past couple of months could be over.

“Crude oil prices went up moderately and this cause refiners to have to nudge up their wholesale gasoline prices,” said expert Trilby Lundberg, whose organization, the Lundberg Survey, tracks gas prices.

“In turn retailers had to stop slashing prices. So, this might be the end of the slide.”

The slide had Mississippi’s average price down to close to $1.90 per gallon. This weekend it was up to $2.01.

“Gasoline prices change almost not at all in the past two weeks,” said Lundberg, analyzing the prices for the whole country.

Even though Mississippi’s average was still 33 cents under the national average of $2.34, the state gas prices have slowly gone up, even though other states’ prices have remained close to the same.

Mississippi has the third cheapest gas in the country right now, behind New Jersey and South Carolina.

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