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Mississippi Medicaid no longer accepted at Children’s of Alabama

Children’s of Alabama has dropped Mississippi Medicaid.

A representative confirmed the change on Friday.

“We no longer take Mississippi Medicaid,” the representative stated.

The representative added that most other insurances are accepted, but it is up to the provider to determine if the hospital falls within the network.

No reason was given for the change.

A spokesperson for Mississippi Medicaid released a statement to News Mississippi regarding the change:

Last week, it was brought to our attention that Children’s of Alabama no longer accepts Mississippi Medicaid. We were unaware of Children’s decision to altogether stop seeing our beneficiaries for care and had not received formal notice.


Access to care is an ongoing priority and our executive director reached out to Children’s to identify their concerns. From this discussion, Children’s indicated that their decision impacts a small volume of beneficiaries, treatment for a majority of the related medical conditions are available in Mississippi, and there were disagreements about reimbursement levels. Although we remain open to addressing their concerns, ultimately, the decision to treat Mississippi Medicaid beneficiaries is up to Children’s.


In fiscal year 2016, approximately 300 children enrolled in Mississippi Medicaid were treated by Children’s. The Mississippi Division of Medicaid provides health coverage for eligible, low income populations and the largest population we serve is children.

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