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Mississippi Mom Was Surprised Gives Birth to Identical Quadruplets

JACKSON, Miss. – Kenliegh, Kayleigh, Kristen and Kelsey were welcomed into the world Feb. 8 as a complete surprise for this Mississippi mom. Kimberly Fugate at the age of 42 wasn’t planning a pregnancy to begin with, yet alone, having four kids.

Doctors had told her she was having triplets, but once it was time to give birth, thirteen weeks earlier than expected, came another baby. She had identical quadruplets! The mother currently had one daughter, Katelyn who is 10-years-old. The mom, daughter and husband were all very surprised by the extra addition.

Doctors say that it’s extremely rare that they were conceived without medical help and even more surprising that they are all identical. The chances of that happening are nearly one in thirteen million and there have only been 60 to 70 cases ever reported of that happening in the world.

It was such a shock that fertility drugs weren’t used because they help multiply the eggs but in this case it was only one egg that divided three times after fertilization in order for her to have identical quadruplets.

The babies are all doing well and so is the mother. They are currently in neonatal intensive care at the University of Mississippi Medical Center due to the fact that they were born so premature and will hopefully go home in May.

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