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Mississippi Musicians Day at The Capitol

JACKSON, Miss.- Mississippi is known world-wide for its rich musical heritage. Tuesday that heritage was celebrated at the state capitol with Mississippi Musicians Day. Governor Bryant and some of the state’s well-known local musicians were on hand to celebrate.

The state of Mississippi has a long history of music. From Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, to the Father of Country music, Jimmie Rodgers, no state has produced more artists per capita than Mississippi.

Bryant said he grew up on music created in the state.

“As I became a teenager I heard Derrick and the Dominos do ‘Down at the Crossroads’ and I just thought it was a cool song. I didn’t realize he was talking about the Mississippi Delta where I came from. ‘Down at the Crossroads,’ Eric Clapton wrote. Now the impact of that crossroads goes around the world.”

The event featured musicians such as Ora Reed, Guy Hovis, Mr. Sipp, and KD Brosia. Brosia was the originator of the event.

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