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Mississippi native competes to climb mount Midoriyama

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR -- "Daytona Beach Qualifier" -- Pictured: Josh Butler -- (Photo by: Myron Luzniak/NBC)

Mississippi native Josh Butler, competed in the American Ninja Warrior Competition on Monday night and he says the competition wasn’t like anything he’s experienced before.

“They tell you to stand on that line, they tell you three, two, one, go,” said Butler. “They flip on the lights the crowd starts going and then you have to perform and if you fall in the water, you fall in the water. It’s not safe, it’s not scripted or like anything else. It’s like if you fall, you fall. So, if you make it up the warped wall, you make it up the warped wall.”

Butler did make it up the warped wall, but fell into the water on the salmon ladder.

“You only get one chance at it, and so one thing that I am taking away is that you have to grab hold of the chances that God gives you that opportunity that you find yourself in and you have to be ready to do the best you can and sometimes you find yourself a little lucky and you get to go a little bit further than you probably should but you have to be ready to take hold of that opportunity and just take it as far as you can and do the best that you can,” said Butler.

Butler said he is already planning his return to the show, and will be starting on his new submission video soon.

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