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Mississippi native recounts experience in Orlando club terrorist attack


ORLANDO, FL.– Omar Mateen called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS before shooting over 100 people at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. One Mississippi native witnessed that horror.

Gulfport native Joshua McGill was at Pulse, an LGBTQ club, when Mateen opened fire and killed at least 50 people while injuring 50 more.  McGill posted on Facebook his account of the gruesome events that took place inside that club:

“There was a very tragic thing that happened tonight. Thoughts and prayers for everyone at Pulse or that know anyone that was at pulse. It was very crazy and a traumatic experience,” posted McGill. “I’m very thankful I got away safe and a lot of other people I know and care about did as well. I hid under a car and found one of the victims that was shot. I tied my shirt and his shirt over his wounds to stop the bleeding and got him secretly to the nearest officer who then transported us to the ER. Words cannot and will not describe the feeling of that. Being covered in blood.. Trying to save a guys life that I don’t even know regardless that I’m fine..just traumatized. The things I had to say to the guy and make promises I didn’t know I would be able to keep or not to keep him conscious while holding him as tight as I could and blood everywhere on me. Saying a prayer for him and letting him know I will be here waiting for him. It sucks because all I got was his name and I can’t even see if he’s okay because I’m not related. If anyone knows of a guy named Rodney that was shot and injured tonight.. Please let me know he is okay. I felt God put me at the club and made me stay behind to help a complete stranger. For whatever reason that may be.. I don’t know, but I do know it was hopefully to save his life. Maybe God be with us all in this time of need.”

McGill also posted a reaction to the shooting, and the outpouring of support that has flooded him on social media since the attack. You can see his video response, or leave support for McGill here.

Omar Mateen was shot and killed by police after the deadly attack. This act of terror has been named the worst mass shooting in United States history, and the worst terror attack on American soil since 9-11. Mateen’s father told NBC that his son had grown angry after seeing two gay men kissing in public. Law enforcement officers told the media that Mateen had called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS moments before the attack.

Pulse Nightclub’s owner released the following statement after the attack:

“Like everyone in the country, I am devastated about the horrific events that have taken place today. Pulse, and the men and women who work there, have been my family for nearly 15 years. From the beginning, Pulse has served as a place of love and acceptance for the LGBTQ community. I want to express my profound sadness and condolences to all who have lost loved ones. Please know that my grief and heart are with you.– Barbara Poma, Owner”

News Mississippi will continue to follow this story as information develops.


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