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Mississippi Power President Speaks: Detractors Speak Back

JACKSON, Miss.–Mississippi Power President Ed Holland wrote a response to the Sun Herald editorial defending the Kemper County Coal Plant that has reached a price tag of almost $4 billion.

That response can be read here.

Holland said,”We would disagree that the project’s finances were flawed.  The Kemper project represents new, innovative technology, and like all innovation it is difficult to accurately project its final cost.”

Mississippi Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley told News Mississippi on Monday no matter what Holland wrote he isn’t pleased with the plant that will raise rates come 2014.

“This rate increase hurts our businesses, hurts residents, and the overall environment,” he said.

He pointed out that the new technology Holland speaks of isn’t proven in any way, but hopes it works for the Mississippi peoples’ sake.

“I just don’t think we should take public money and finance other peoples’ experiments,” said Presley.

The Sierra Club Mississippi Chapter wasn’t eased by anything Holland had to say either.

“It will be the most expensive plant ever built in the USA by a per milliwatt basis,” said Sierra Club Mississippi Chapter Director Louie Miller.

Miller was fiery about the rate increase number that Holland pointed to in his response of around a 22-percent increase for customers, maintaining that’s way too low by their estimate.

“So Ed Holland, if we’re wrong, prove us wrong,” he said in regards to the rate hike numbers. “Put your facts on the table and stop hiding behind confidentiality clauses.”

Once operational the Kemper County Coal Plant is supposed to provide electricity to 23 southeastern Mississippi counties.

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