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Mississippi prepared to fight Measles

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Mississippi ranks first in the nation for child immunization rates and with a surge in measles cases nationwide, including a recent out-of-state traveler who may have exposed Mississippians to the virus, The Mississippi State Medical Association says it’s more important now than ever that Mississippi maintains its strong vaccination laws.

“We are thankful for our state leaders, and their support of strong, scientifically-based immunization policies,” said State Health Officer, Dr. Thomas Dobbs, MD, MPH. “Today, a disease anywhere in the world can be on our doorstep in a matter of hours. To protect the health of Mississippians, especially our young and vulnerable, we need to maintain our high immunization rate.”

Among vaccinations, Mississippi remains a leader across the United States. Some states, such as California, have acknowledged Mississippi’s strong vaccination laws and updated theirs to follow best practices. Other states with more vaccine exemptions or less regulated legislation are now facing serious challenges and public health risks. The risks are so serious some areas in the U.S. that they have been named hotspots.

“Mississippi has a long history of strong legislation leading to robust vaccination rates for our population,” said Darren Scoggin, MD. “As a result, our state is thankfully missing from the hotspot map showing concentrated outbreaks around the country.”

Immunizations protect children from deadly diseases that still occur here in the U.S.- from measles, whooping cough, and diphtheria. Without immunizations, everyone is at risk- our children, our seniors, and anyone with compromised immunity.

“Throughout medical history, no other invention has prevented more diseases, serious injuries and deaths than vaccines,” said Hugh Gamble II, MD. “The junk science against vaccines is a total sham. The rest of the country is looking at Mississippi’s laws as the standard to follow because they work.”

Mississippi State Medical Association President, Michael Mansour, MD said doctors appreciate Mississippi’s effective vaccine laws.

“I focus a lot on preventive health. Vaccines save millions of lives globally, and Mississippi’s preschool immunization laws protect our citizens,” said Mansour. “Strong vaccine laws are the cornerstone of a healthy population.”

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