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Mississippi VA system won’t be affected by possible closures

The US Department of Veterans Affairs has over a thousand structures across the US that are being maintained, but are not being used. According to newly-appointed VA Secretary David Shulkin, it’s a drain on the system that must be cut off.

But does that mean care for Mississippi veterans will suffer? Dr. David Walker, director of the Medical Center at the G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery VA in Jackson says no; it’s quite the opposite.

“This is costing millions of dollars even though these structures are not being used. [Director Shulkin] wants to divest those structures so that the money can be used for veteran care and other veteran-related issues.”

Walker continued: “In Jackson, we don’t have any unused buildings, so it wouldn’t affect us, and I don’t see an impact on the state’s seven clinics, either.”

At a recent White House hearing, Shulkin stated some $25 million in federal funds is wasted on these buildings every year.

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