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The Dugle Report: Clear your smartphone memory

Ever go to take a picture of the kid’s first steps or that wild car chase, and you get the message: “Not enough memory”?

It’s frustrating, and it always seems to happen when you’re trying to capture the best moments.

That’s why you need to clean out your phone every so often.

No one needs 422 cat photos

First, go through and delete photos and videos you no longer need. (Trust me, your 256 photos of the grandkids or pets will be enough! And yes, I’m talking to myself too!)

Then, go to your “Recently Deleted Items” folder in your photos and clear that out.

That should free up a bunch of memory.

Safe texts

Texts can take up a bunch of your phone’s memory too.

Go through your text messages and delete the ones you no longer need. (You can delete individual texts or groups of texts.)

Clear app clogs

Apps can be clogging up your memory too.

To see which ones are hogging all the memory, check it out in your settings:

For Android, go to: Settings / Storage

For iPhone, go to: Settings / General / Usage / Manage storage

See which apps are sucking up the most memory. If you no longer need those apps, delete them. You can also delete the ones that have a lot of memory (Facebook, for example) and re-install them. It will install the app with the amount of memory it needs to run – without getting bogged down with things you’ve saved.

Weekly cleanup

My final tip – give your phone a weekly bath. You really should turn your smartphone completely off at least once a week and leave it off for 15 minutes. During that time, remove the case and clean everything off with rubbing alcohol and a soft, microfiber cloth. You take your phone everywhere and you’re probably taking a lot of germs along with you for the ride!

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