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Mississippi weather for Wednesday, January 27

JACKSON, Miss. – It’s going to be a chilly one across Mississippi.

In the northern part of the state, you’ll wake up to sunshine and temperatures in the low 30s.

By the afternoon, temperatures will climb in to the 40s. Expect today’s high to be around 46.

Tonight, look for partly cloudy skies as temperatures drop back down into the low 30s.
In the middle part of the state, you’ll start off with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid 30s.

Those clouds will stay there throughout the day as temperatures get up to around 50.

Tonight, as you tuck your kids into bed, you’ll notice cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid 30s.
As we move towards the coast, you could be waking up to showers this morning with temperatures in the mid to high 40s.

Those showers should give way before noon, however the clouds will stay, todays high near 52.

Tonight, expect cloudy skies and a low dipping down to around 39…

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