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Mississippi’s 2014 Alligator Hunting Season Begins

Photo: Record Catch from 2013 Season

JACKSON, Miss. – Mississippi’s statewide alligator hunting season on public waterways began Friday August 29 at noon. This year 920 permits were issued to hunters throughout the state’s seven geographical zones. Participants applied for permits back in June and they were selected randomly by a computer.

Alligator hunting is still fairly new in Mississippi. The first season began in 2005 on the Pearl River just north of the Ross Barnett Reservoir. The season has expanded every year since. Last year was the first state wide season.

If you do not have a permit and want to go alligator hunting, it is still possible. You just need to tag along with someone who has an alligator hunting permit. Hunters can have as many people as they want in their alligator hunting parties.

During the 2013 season, three record breaking alligators weighting over 700 pounds were caught.

“I certainly expect that the records can be broken. This is still a relatively new hunting opportunity. There are still a lot of alligators out there. The resource is plentiful,” said Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Alligator Program Director Ricky Flynt.

Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries and Parks says they will be posting live updates this year with the latest info about big catches at


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