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Mississippi’s Public Schools Lawsuit Might Drastically Downgrade Spending Blueprints into the Red

JACKSON, Miss. –  State budgets could be cut later this year, if a ballot initiative to fully fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP), a formula for public school spending, passes in November.

Lawmakers and the leaders of various state agencies came to the Capitol Tuesday for a brief meeting, during which they were told to come up with plans to either reduce budgets by almost 8 per cent, or increase fees to operate in the coming year.

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Herb Frierson said its important agencies prepare for cuts that could total up to $250 million.  Frierson also said he would not recommended a tax hike to eliminate any shortfalls.  Instead, he would agree to using “one-time” money, including some from the BP settlement, or the state’s “rainy day” account.

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