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MS Brewers gear up for Brewers Conference in Jackson

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On September 22 Lucky Town Brewery in Jackson will open up it’s doors to welcome craft brewers from all across the state for the first ever Craft Brewers Conference in Mississippi. 

The conference is for anyone who is interested in the beer industry in Mississippi.

“We want this conference to not be one that is overly technical in nature, we want it to be appealing to consumers, people who operate retail establishments, we want it to be open to really anybody,” said Matthew Mclaughlin, attorney who was involved with the beer bill during the last legislative session.

Lucas Simmons, Head brewer and owner at Lucky Town is part of the Brewers Association’s engineering subcommittee. He said one thing they do well is provide information for people that are interested in brewing.

“We want everyone to make good quality beer, that’s what we are here for,” said Simmons. “There can be a great tasting beer that is not a good quality beer so we are here to fix those issues and make a better product.”

Mississippi has over a dozen micro-breweries across the state, all of which have seen a shift in proceeds since the beer bill was passed and implemented on July 1.

The event will kick off around 8:30 that morning with registration.

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