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MSU Fan Gets “Go to Hell Ole Miss” Tattoo on Belly

JACKSON, Miss.–With the egg bowl less than one week away some fans are gearing up for the big turkey day game in various ways.

For some that means gathering with family to watch the big game, others that means tailgating in the Junction, and for one Mississippi State fan that means getting a tattoo of “Go to Hell Ole Miss” emblazoned across his belly.

“I’ve always been a big MSU fan my whole life,” said Bear Gibbo on SuperTalk Mississippi’s Head to Head radio show on Thursday evening. “My parents met at MSU and my dad was an equipment manager at MSU.”

Gibbo said he currently lives in Starkville and is making plans to attend MSU next year.

If you guessed this is Gibbo’s first MSU-related tattoo…you’d be wrong.

“I got my first Mississippi State tattoo when I got the MSU logo tattooed on my neck,” he said. “And after I got that one…I said why not get some more.”

He has “Hail” and “State” tattooed down the backs of his arms and then he explained he decided to get the old style MSU logo and the new style MSU logo on the front of his arms along with the SEC logo too.

“I have always said Go to Hell Ole Miss,” said Gibbo. “I grew up in a small school and only had 11 people in my class and I was the only MSU fan in my class.”

He caught a lot of flack for being a young MSU fan in those years and he admitted Ole Miss had a better team during that time span. But he explained that he’s been an MSU fan from the beginning.

“Those were some of the first words that came out of my mouth,” said Gibbo referring to the slogan on his stomach now.

The tattoo was actually done in two parts with the outline of “Go to Hell Ole Miss” done three weeks prior to filling in the rest of it. Luckily he knew the tattoo artist and he cut him a deal.

“It would have cost about $200 but my buddy only charged me $60,” he explained.

His neck tattoo didn’t hurt near as much as the belly tattoo evidently.

“Well the back of the neck didn’t hurt,” he said. “The back of your neck being sunburned so much really doesn’t have that much feeling in it.”

Some people on twitter have taken the stance that Gibbo must have been drunk when he went in for the now famous stomach tattoo but that just isn’t the case.

“I was perfectly sober the whole time,” he exclaimed. “I will not get a tattoo drunk.”

He admitted he hasn’t gotten all rave reviews from either fan base but summed it up pretty well.

“It is what it is,” he said. “I have it….no one else does and I am proud of this decision.”

During his phone interview he closed by saying he already knows how he wants to be buried when that day comes.

“I have always said when I die I’ll be buried with a cowbell in my hand and ‘Go to Hell Ole Miss’ on my grave,” he said. “That was how I was raised and that’s what I’ve always been taught.”

Listen to part of the interview with Matt Wyatt and Richard Cross of SuperTalk Mississippi’s Head to Head Radio below.

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