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MSU’s Leo Lewis charged with disorderly conduct

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A Mississippi State football player was arrested over the weekend.

Linebacker Leo Lewis was arrested by the Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s Office and charged with disorderly conduct. A news release from the department detailed the arrest and stated that Lewis was uncooperative.

“Deputies were originally dispatched to Aspen Heights Apartments for a call of a large crowd of people and cars blocking the streets. While deputies were attempting to clear the streets, a vehicle driven by Lewis attempted to push through traffic despite deputies directions for traffic to exit in the opposite direction. After several attempts to gain compliance, Lewis was taken into custody.”

Lewis was later released on $483 bond.

In a now deleted social media post, Lewis refuted the police department’s claims and said that he did nothing wrong.

“It’s a cruel and unjust world that we live in today. For me to have come so far in life and to have worked so hard, even coming from where I come from. It’s extremely heartbreaking to see my reputation get tarnished the way that it has. I would never do anything to sabotage myself or my families future in no way shape, form or fashion. There were people that I really thought supported me and who was genuinely for me that never even took into consideration to ask me what happened or even check on my well-being. To inform you all, I never violated any laws, I was completely cooperative, I did nothing wrong.”

In a statement, MSU has said that they are aware of the situation, but they have not commented any further.

On the field, Lewis had 46 tackles in 2017, but has become well-known for his involvement in the NCAA’s case against Ole Miss. Lewis was a key witness for the NCAA and also appeared at the in-state rivals’ meeting with the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions to detail alleged payments during his time as a recruit.

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