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New Ambulances make their way to central Mississippi

Photo courtesy of AMR

AMR bringing new ambulances to Mississippi streets and roads.

AMR Central Mississippi, the ambulance service for Hinds, Simpson, and Smith counties, recently acquired eleven 2017 ambulances built on Ford’s “Transit” chassis. The new trucks are replacing older models in AMR’s local fleet of some 45 ambulances.

AMR put the first on the street in early October. Eight of the 11 are currently in service and the other three are expected to be put into service sometime in the first quarter of 2018.

AMR companies serving the Mississippi coast and several northern counties have also acquired the same new ambulance design.

Jim Brown, an AMR paramedic, said the new vehicles have several features which help the crew take care of the patient.

“The patient’s head is better aligned with the paramedic’s seat right behind the top of the stretcher so it’s easier to monitor my patient’s condition and, if necessary, to provide advanced therapy such as inserting an oxygen tube into the patient’s airway,” Brown said. “In general, everything is laid out so that supplies and equipment are right there in convenient reach.”

Mark Allen, AMR’s local lead mechanic, said many crews have said the new trucks have a smoother ride than older models.

Paramedic Brown said he likes the new trucks’ ride.

“Definitely, the ride is smoother, especially on open roads,” Brown said. “On city streets, this suspension and smaller tires go over bumps more tolerably and out on interstates and four-lanes, these new trucks ride like a dream.  A softer ride helps reduce the patient’s anxiety and physical discomfort.  A steadier ride makes it easier for me to treat my patient.”

AMR said that there is an obvious change up front as the new vehicles have a larger windshield and windows, as well as, a sloped nose that gives the ambulance crew better visibility.

“From inside the cab, you can see really well almost all the way around the truck.  It’s like riding in a bubble,” Brown said. “That enhances safety for everybody — our patient, the crew and everyone else on the road.”

Allen said the previous style of the ambulance will be phased out over the next few years.

Photos courtesy of AMR:

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