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New bill asks for wine to be delivered to your front door

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Wine may be coming straight to the front door. A new bill introduced by Representative Charles Busby in the House is looking to change the law so that wine can be shipped straight to your house. However, Busby said that not all wines would be included.

“I don’t think its realistic to believe that you would order the bulk wines, the Barefoots, the Dark Horses, even the Kendall Jackson’s, but its kind of sad that our citizens can’t even be a part of a wine club legally and have wine shipped to their home,” said Rep. Busby.

This is the second time that Busby has proposed this bill, however, it died the first time in committee. Busby added that this year there has been more positive reactions for the wine bill and that he hopes it is able to pass.

“We certainly don’t want to do anything that will be detrimental to small businesses, and I don’t think that this will be,” Busby said. “45 other states have it and I think it’s something that Mississippi consumers deserve too.”

Busby added that this law would only apply to wine and not hard liquor and that there would be stipulations as to where the wine comes from.

“It [the wine] still has to come from someone that someone who is licensed in the state of Mississippi,” Busby said. “So, there still is a tax applied to it, the same tax that would be applied to it if it was sold at retail.”

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