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New Scam Coming in Your Mail; Cons Claiming to be United Healthcare

MERIDIAN, Miss.- A new scam is hitting your mailboxes. This one was reported in Meridian after a woman received a check in the mail for more than $3,800 from what looks to be United Healthcare.

WTOK reports, Carla Artis received the check and at first thought it might be a rebate check for a possible over payment on medical bills, but the letter that came with the check said she had won a lottery drawing. The letter then said she needed to make a payment for the taxes owed on the winnings to the company who sent her the check.

Artis figured this was a scam, did a quick google search and sure enough, it was. Artis found an Indiana newspaper had reported on the exact same scam that described the same letter with the exact same amount of money and names on it.

Once the check is deposited, it will look real because the check won’t bounce immediately, but eventually it will bounce.

If anyone asks you to send them any money in order to receive your money, it is a scam and report them to the police.

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