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New texting scam could cost you hundreds

Photo courtesy Telesouth Communications
Photo courtesy Telesouth Communications

A new phishing scam called smishing that comes via text could be dangerous.

“It’s a phishing scam through your text messages, and that’s why SMS texting, that’s where it got it’s name,” said Dawn Dugle, Telesouth Communications Creative Director.

Dugle said the scammers are getting smarter each week and are constantly looking for new ways to reach people.

“People are basically sending you text messages claiming to be from a bank or from a friend or what have you, and it’s really a social engineering to try to get your personal information so that they can access your accounts and your personal stuff,” said Dugle.

However, Dugle said the most simple way to combat scammers is by not clicking on anything suspicious.

“If you’re not expecting a link from a friend or you’re not having that kind of a conversation,” said Dugle. “Just ask, hey did you just send me a link? Just ask what’s going on.”


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