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News Brief: Budget Cuts, Bomb at the Drug Store, and Why This Man Could Get Life in the Pen

Jackson, Miss– The morning’s stories, all in one place. 

A group of government meetings in January could mean less money for your health care, schools, and even prisons. State legislators heading back into the legislative session in January. The state has less money to work with, and it has to come from somewhere. The Joint Legislative Budget Commitee says there’s one promise from last year they are hoping to keep–$2.7 million dollars to help state troopers get a raise.

Imagine a bomb threat while you’re waiting to fill your prescription. It happened last night at CVS in Pascagoula. The drug dogs were brought in, and the all clear was given.

Holding his own family hostage is why Peter Joseph Doughtery Jr. is doing 20 years behind bars. Dougherty told the judge he’d held his wife, inlaws, and son at gunpoint and wouldn’t let them leave the house last November.

Raping and molesting a three year old boy–Jefferey Rakestraw of Itawamba County standing before the judge on those charges. This isn’t his first rodeo, reports WTVA. His phone, computer and other electronics were taken which could lead to more charges. Rakestraw could spend the rest of his life in prison, if he’s convicted.

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