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NewsMS Daily Digital Jan. 19

News Mississippi Daily Digital for January 19th

For the News Mississippi Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter and it’s January 19th.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day—
Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Martin Luther King was and arguably still is the voice of hope, inspiration and change in the United States during the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King was a pastor, activist, humanitarian, and fought for the equality, tolerance, and unification that he spoke of in his I Have A Dream Speech. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed in Memphis in 1968. But his legacy continues today as one of the greatest speakers and fighters for equality in the history of the United States.

Robert E Lee Day–
Today is also Robert E. Lee Day. Lee was known for his loyalty and commanding of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War from 1862 until he surrendered in 1865. Lee also served as the military advisor for President Davis. Lee then went on to support Andrew Jackson’s plan for Reconstruction. Lee’s home was taken by Union forces during the Civil War and it still stands today as the location for the Arlington National Cemetery, where about 14,000 of the nation’s soldiers are buried, with grave markers dating back to the Civil War.

In Columbia they’re still cleaning up from the tornado that happened just two days before Christmas. News Mississippi surveyed the damage and spoke with volunteers. That footage is at

For the News Mississippi Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter.

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