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Nuclear Waste in Miss.: Job Creation or Making the State a Dump

JACKSON, Miss.–There are plenty of people opposed to making Mississippi a repository for used nuclear fuel. There is also a school of thought that says it could bring billions into the state for job creation and infrastructure improvements. It’s a debate that was sparked by a non-profit that has suggested Mississippi pursue the possibility.

“This is not a partisan issue, you’ve got a Democrat and a republican both saying this is nuts,” said Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley. He told News Mississippi he came out against the proposal Friday morning. Presley’s Twitter account has lit up since then with plenty of tweets that are anti nuclear waste here.

He said Republican Cong. Steven Palazzo, who represents south Mississippi and the coast, was against the idea.

The Miss. Energy Institute claims the nuclear waste industry is safe and has a proven track record. They met Monday with the Senate Economic Development Committee to pitch their idea and then met with congressmen Gregg Harper and Alan Nunnelee.

“Who in the world has ever heard of volunteering to commit economic suicide. Someone is playing footsie with the federal government,” said Presley. He said the plan would destroy tourism and wnd up with Mississippi as “America’s nuclear dump”.

He said the waste belongs in Nevada where the government has already invested billions to store it there.

He called the promises of jobs and infrastructure “pie in the sky” and that the preliminary phase would create only 100 jobs.

News Mississippi’s Facebook page lit up with comments from both schools. Here is a link:

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