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Your ObamaCare Stories: Cochran Takes ‘Em to DC to Call for Repeal

WASHINGTON, D.C.–If you’ve lost work hours or lost your health insurance because of ObamaCare, you’re in the same boat as a loot of Mississippians. That what Sen. Thad Cochran said when he brought your stories to D.C. Wednesday.

He talked about your stories on the Senate floor.

“A small business owner in Hattiesburg, who in the past paid 100 percent of the premiums for his employees, was recently informed of a 21 percent increase. He is having to choose between reducing staff or shifting the cost to his employees.”

Cochran said he believes the ACA should be repealed.

“My impression of the so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is that it is too costly, too complex, and too intrusive,” he said.  “The stories I’ve heard from my state confirm for me that the Affordable Care Act is an unfixable and expensive mess, and it should be repealed.”

Cochran’s remarks were part of a Republican effort to get support for a repeal.

“Small business owners in my state have been particularly vocal about having to choose between making payroll or paying the increasing costs of insurance.  Many small business owners would like to provide health insurance for their workforce but are finding the premium costs are just too expensive,” Cochran said.

The Senator also referred to a Southaven worker whose hours were reduced so his employer could avoid employer mandates built into the law.

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