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OHS Day 26: Back Pain(Ryno)

On the first day of Week 7, I went big on dead lifts and military press, and I didn’t communicate effectively with Coach Kilgore about the tightness developing in my lower back. I blame it mostly on my kinda crazy tolerance for pain, but like you’ve heard us say over and over, you have to listen to your body when it is trying to tell you something.

Fast forward to the morning of Week 7 -Day 2 and I woke up to stiff shoulders and lower back pain that made it difficult to even walk. I had pushed myself a little too hard, but I also knew if there was anyone that could help me, it would be Coach Kilgore. I showed up to the Gym and told coach about my back, and he immediately reassured me that he could help me out. With a little stretching and the use of my favorite recovery tool, the lacrosse ball, my back felt a million times better, and I was able to complete most of my workout.

When your body is telling you something, you’d be wise to listen, or you might wind up having to overcome a brand new hurdle to your healthy journey.

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