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OHS Day 33: Snacking Tip(Ryno)

Full disclosure. I make fun of Dawn for not knowing what day it is when we start shooting videos for Operation Healthy State, and I went and recorded a video where I said the wrong day.


I waited until I got home to the “man-cave” to shoot my daily video diary, and I wanted to use it to give you a little tip on healthy snacking. I have enjoyed Larabar brand snacks for a couple years now, and they seem to be less well known than they should be. Larabar didn’t pay me to say this; I just really enjoy the healthy snacks they provide. I say healthy kinda loosely, but seriously, they are better for you than a regular candy bar, and they make a great topping for Greek yogurt. I’ve gotten questions about how to change your diet, and I can confidently say, if you switch out a Larabar for your Snickers or Reese’s, you are already taking a step in the right direction!

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