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OHS Day 34: Some Advice That Might Seem a Little Weird(Ryno)

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Ryno battled tightness and soreness in his lower back all last week, and now he has some advice on how to combat that soreness. Now this advice may seem a little weird at first, but if you jump in with both feet and commit to working out and getting healthier, it will work. To alleviate soreness, you need to go work out. That sounds counter-intuitive, but after the first couple weeks of working out, Ryno noticed that showing up and going through the workout, even if you’re sore, will make that soreness either go away or lighten up enough to not affect his daily life. So the next time your brain tells you to skip a workout because you’re too sore, just remember that the movement and stretching that go along with your workout will more than likely help get rid of some of that very soreness.

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