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OHS Day 47: The Sinister 6 Kicked My Butt! (Ryno)

Coach found another use for his Center Mass Bells(which you will get to see him demonstrate them on “Thursday with Coach Kilgore” this week!), and he came up with the “Sinister 6” workout. It involved a circuit of 6 stations with 6 reps(sometimes 12, but I’ll explain), and you had to complete the circuit 6 times.

The circuit consisted of:

-6 reps of Split Squats on each leg (hence the 12 reps I mentioned earlier)

-6 reps on Bench Press

-6 reps on Center Mass Bell Swings

-6 reps of Bent-Over Center Mass Bell Rows on each arm (another 12 rep stops in the circuit)

-6 reps of Split-stance Romanian Dead Lifts

-6 reps of Curls with an overhead press

-Rest for 2 mins

That equals 288 reps total, and they all had to be done without sitting down the 20 pound Center Mass Bells between sets. but Coach wasn’t finished. He then gave me the challenge to hop on the “Devil Bike” and to go as hard as I could for 20 seconds and rest until I could do another 20 seconds. It took me 8 minutes to finish that, and I was exhausted when I finished!

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