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Open-Carry Law: “We have a Constitution, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms”

JACKSON, Miss.–The open-carry law set to begin on July 1 has caused some confusion around the state as to what it means for gun owners.

Last week Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said that the law is “clear as mud.”

It now allows people to walk around with their firearm holstered in plain-sight without having a permit to do so.

State Rep. Andy Gipson said it’s not that hard to understand, when referring to what Hood had to say.

“Who can’t understand hidden or obscured from common observation,” said Gipson.  “That’s pretty common sense.”

He did point out that there are still places that open-carry is not allowed like schools.

“If it’s not hidden, guess what, we have a constitution, the right to keep and bear arms,” he said.

Any private land owner has the right to refuse open-carry on their property; this includes places of business like stores.

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