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OPINION: Sarah Ulmer recaps energy at Trump rally

photo credit: Sarah Ulmer

JACKSON, Miss.- The Coliseum in Downtown Jackson filled with Trump supporters all afternoon, with doors opening at 4 pm, and Donald Trump scheduled to take the stage at 7:00 pm.

From Trump signs, to hats, and shirts, the crowd grew larger and the impassioned response from these individuals was infectious as the hour approached when Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was to speak to the crowd of thousands.

Before the main event, Trump was introduced by Pastor Mark Burns who enthusiastically encouraged the crowd to vote Trump on November 8th. As the crowd cheered U-S-A, Burns reminded the blended gathering that regardless of color, nationality, or gender we are all Americans.

“Can’t you wait for the day that we can eliminate the words that describe us and just be proud to be an American?” said Burns. “Hillary Clinton will not be elected, not on my watch.”

His bold statements encouraged the crowd to continue their chants.

With Burns’ heated words, the stage was set for the man everyone was waiting for, Donald Trump.

Mississippians welcomed their own governor, Phil Bryant, to the stage for a proper welcome of Donald Trump to Jackson Mississippi, one more time.

You could feel the excitement as Trump spoke of change and America’s desperate need for something, or someone different.

“My focus will always be the well being of millions of Americans who call this country home and love this country,” said Trump. “We will be fighting for your jobs, and fighting for your families.”

He continued to condemn the Obama administration and made the statement that four years of Hillary Clinton, his democratic opponent, would be another four years of Obama.

Again, chants of U-S-A echoed throughout the coliseum.

Trump promised his supporters that, in exchange for their vote, he would give them more jobs for U.S. citizens and job security within the United States.

In his charge for change, Trump began to compare the state of America to a recent situation our British neighbors were fighting against.

That fight was the recent separation of Britain from the European Union, also known as Brexit.

He describes their struggle as one in which American’s can relate.  A fight against government, liberal media, and globalism. He shouted claims that Hillary Clinton did not put Americans first, but he would.

He urged against division, and toward unity, on November 8th as a chance to declare that America would finally be one nation, under God, with justice for all.

As the crowd sunk deeper into his hopeful words, Donald Trump introduced Brexit’s point man Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party and the man responsible for the change happening in Britain.

Farage resonated with the crowd with his talk of a struggle in Britain for a government that was for the common man and not the corporation. While he told them he would never instruct anyone on which way to vote, he made clear that “No one could pay (him) to vote for Hillary Clinton, not even Hillary herself.”

The struggles he said many of his countrymen face, are the same many Americans face. Donald Trump has been clear in his mission to “Make America Great Again” and both men believe in order to do so, leadership must shift.

“You can go out and you can beat Washington and you’ll do it by doing what we did with the Brexit in Britain, with a normal group of people, to go out and vote for change,” said Farage.

But Farage didn’t just leave the crowd with a hopeless endeavor, he told them how they could get the job done.

“If you want change in this country you better get your walking boots on and get out there campaigning. Anything is possible if enough decent people are willing to stand up against the establishment,” he said.

And again the chants began, U-S-A.

With a handshake and quick smile, Trump returned to the microphone to continue his rally.

“It’s time for America to recapture our destiny,” he said.

He questions why our current leaders spend so much time helping immigrants, illegal or not, without helping their own. Those, he says, who have been devastated by the same trauma and loss.

His concrete stance on a future immigration policy was outlined in three points. He would support a policy that improved jobs for U.S. citizens, improved safety and security of U.S. citizens, and improved quality of life for U.S. citizens.

It was clear to anyone listening, Donald Trump was for Americans.

“We are going to create jobs, jobs, jobs, I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. We are going to bring back jobs to Mississippi,” he said.

U-S-A, U-S-A, more chanting.

With more statistics on how he feels the current administration has harmed Americans, particularly African Americans, Trump gave viable examples as to why he, and what appeared to be the thousands in attendance, needed a change in leadership.

“If you keep voting for the same people you will keep getting the same horrible results,” Trump said.

His enthusiasm to create work, cut taxes, and do away with Obamacare had everyone on the edge of their seats just waiting to yell his signature phrase.

As the rally came to a close Donald J. Trump reminded Mississippi that if he is elected the next President of the United States of America he makes a hard kept promise to Make America Great Again.

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