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Parents Campaign: School choice distracts from problems at hand

This week, News Mississippi has walked you through the various aspects of school choice, from your options to the logistics of making the choice for your child.

But the Parents Campaign of Mississippi says that school choice is taking away from already troubled school systems across the state.

“Our state has limited funds,” said Nancy Loome, Director of the Parents Campaign. “So when we divert some of those funds to pay tuition at private academies, that means less money is going to our children in private schools.”

Loome said the system is inefficient, and is not really what kids in Mississippi need.

“Those children need our support,” said Loome. “They need our tax dollars to fund their schools. They’re working so hard to meet the expectations that all of us have.”

While state Superintendent of Education Dr. Carey Wright has vouched support for school choice, she has said the logistics make it difficult, and that the overall goal of the state Department of Education is to lift up the already existing public schools so that parents will not want to move their children.

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