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What You Pay for Gas: Price Drops May Stop, Could Go Up

JACKSON, Miss.–What you’re paying for gas in the Magnolia State has been pretty steady over the past couple of weeks, with occasional dips, but one oil expert, who constantly watches the prices, said Monday that prices could be about to go up.

Right now the state-wide average is $3.07. per gallon. The cheapest is in Southaven, at $2.86. The most you’ll pay is in Booneville at $3.49.

“We may now see zero decline coming up, or possibly even a rise,” said Trilby Lundberg, who runs the Lundberg Survey, keeping up with oil and gas. “In the latest days, retailers have been receiving wholesale gasoline price hikes. This is skinnying their margin on gasoline and they’re going to have to raise prices to consumers to recover.”

She said gas fell in the past two weeks, but because of wholesalers charging more, the decline was slow.

Lundberg also said the Olympics probably would not factor into the price of gas, just in case you were wondering.

“Any elemement that impacts the consumption of fuels has an impact on the demand for those fuels. But, in the big picture, it is not an event in the gasoline supply and demand picture.”

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