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No Pay Today, Furloughed Federal Employees Still at Home

VICKSBURG, Miss.–A call to most federally-operated places will get you voicemail or no answer at all. News Mississippi quickly found that out Tuesday. Many of the almost 19,000 federal workers employed in Mississippi are still at home today,waiting for the call to come back to work.

If you’ve ever been told you are non-essential, then you’re in the same boat with the 135 Natchez Trace Parkway employees who were told to go home. Only parkway rangers are on the job today. There are 25 of them, patrolling so the parkway can stay open to drivers.

The Vicksburg Military Park is closed, though you’ve paid for it through tax dollars so it’ll be there when you want to visit. If you’re one of those people who thinks it might be a good idea to sneak in there to try and dig up a cannon ball, well, park rangers are still at work to make sure you don’t.

One agency that is still open for business id the National Weather Service.

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As for when a solution might be reached, that calls for a great plan and for lawmakers to budge on issues that, as for now, they don’t seen quite ready to budge on.

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