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Planning to stop smoking for that New Year’s resolution?

JACKSON,Miss.- If you’re looking to get rid of the cigarettes going into 2017, you might need a little bit of help to squash this bad habit.

The ACT Center for Tobacco Treatment is here to help. Robert Lock, a senior tobacco treatment specialist says a lot of people try to quit without really looking for the tools to do so. He said there is more to the process than depending on medication.

“The preparation is very important. Getting loved ones involved and letting them know you’re quitting smoking,” said Lock.”And getting good encouragement, not someone nagging you. You need someone who knows you were smoking 20 a day and now you’re down to 5 and they’ll say good job.”

Lock said learning what triggers you to smoke is vital to moving forward without it. He said triggers can include, stress, driving in the car, talking on the phone, drinking, or even watching tv. Once that association is broken it’s easier to quit for good.

There are drugs available to help someone quit but Lock recommended not relying on those too much, because eventually they will go away and you’ll have to continue to make the decision not to smoke on your own.

He also said the new “vaping” craze is not a good alternative to smoking.

“Research may say it’s ‘healthier’ than smoking a cigarette, but it still isn’t safe. I don’t advise my clients to try those products because we are trying to have them break the cycle of smoking behavior.”

With ACT, Lock reported that 45 percent of their clients usually quit smoking, which is higher than the national average at 37 percent.

“60 percent of our clients come from a disabled background, or retired and don’t have the income to continue to smoke. Also, they have a health issue like diabetes, high blood pressure, or have had another serious medical issue,” said Lock.

For more information on ACT and their services visit here. 


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