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Where Not to Put Campaign Signs

JACKSON, Miss. — If you are campaigning, watch where you place political signs. The Mississippi Department of Transpiration (MDOT) is reminding you not to place signs within the right-of-way on state highways, because it is illegal. The right of way can be as far out as the mowed area next roads and may potentially reach distances of 300 feet or more from the centerline of the driving lane depending on where you are. Signs can block a driver’s vision, particularly near intersections.

Also, steel or wood posts for signs can be potentially dangerous for roadside workers, and can turn into projectiles if they are hit by mowers.

Illegally placed signs contribute to the state’s $3.2 million litter problem.

Any illegally placed signs will be removed. Signs removed by MDOT crews will be kept for two weeks at a local MDOT maintenance facility, then thrown away. Candidates may retrieve signs from MDOT without penalty.

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