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Rankin Deputy pricked with a needle containing methamphetamine

FLORENCE, Miss.- A Rankin County Deputy was stuck with a needle while attempting to perform an arrest.

Sheriff Bryan Bailey confirmed that a deputy was pricked with a needle on Saturday while trying to arrest 39-year-old Don Summerlin.

Police responded to a call about a domestic disturbance off of White Road in Florence. While deputies were on the way, Summerlin got in a vehicle and left the scene. Witnesses alerted the police to this action and gave them a description of the vehicle.

“The deputies passed the car just south of Florence, turned around and blue lighted it. At first, it looked like the man wasn’t going to stop but he finally did,” said Bailey. “However, once he stopped, he backed into the deputy’s car that was behind him and attempted to flee again. But they were able to stop him.”

As they approached the car, the man refused to get out or show his hands. Deputies were then forced to taser him in order to get compliance. When they were escorting him from the car and attempting to handcuff him, Summerlin pulled a needle and stabbed one of the deputies, scraping another in the process.

“They continued to place him in custody and both deputies were sent to the hospital so blood could be drawn to test for Hepatitis and other blood drawn diseases,” Bailey said.

Bailey also said so far the test results are looking good and both deputies have returned to work.

Summerlin was taken to the Rankin County jail and charged with simple assault on a law enforcement, disorderly conduct, and DUI of other substances.

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