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Remote sales tax bill passes House

After a motion to reconsider was tabled, the bill that could have you paying online sales tax has passed the House.

A remote sales tax bill passed the House that could have retailers collecting sales tax, even if they don’t have a brick-and-mortar establishment in Mississippi.

In short, internet sales tax could be growing even closer for Mississippi shoppers.

House Bill 480 was heavily debated on the House floor with bipartisan support and opposition.

“This bill increases taxes on Mississippians by requiring out of state retailers to collect sales tax. The state should seek to decrease the tax burden on working Mississippians, not increase it,” said Representative Joel Bomgar. “I raised a point of order to require a 3/5 vote on this bill since it has the effect of raising taxes. The Chair ruled against the point of order, arguing that this is not a new tax. I spoke against the bill to voice concern about raising taxes on Mississippians. I voted No on the bill, the measure passed 79-38.”

From the House floor, Bomgar waged passionately against the bill.

“Our focus here should be growing our economy…this is a zero sum game,” said Bomgar. “Every dollar we collect is a dollar less in a Mississippian’s pocket.”

While Bomgar showed opposition to the bill, several of the other representatives spoke highly of the move.

“I’m actually glad to see this bill,” said Representative John Hines. “We have kids going to school on some of the most raggedy roads in the country.. I’m glad we’ve found this concept… I’m really proud of this.”

News Mississippi will continue to follow this bill through the session.


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