Senator Josh Harkins Stops By @TheJTShow

Senator Josh Harkins(Mississippi Senate District 20(Rankin Co) and purported member of the “Rankin County Mafia”) stopped by the studio to talk about the impact of a law that he proposed as a bill that limits the powers of Mississippi Mayors to appoint their friends to positions in the government without oversight, but the conversation covered … Continue reading “Senator Josh Harkins Stops By @TheJTShow”

Speaker Gunn talks pros and cons of a state lottery

There’s been a lot of talk about whether there will or won’t be a lottery in Mississippi. Earlier this week, Governor Phil Bryant hinted it might be part of the special session called this year. And then there is the question of whether or not the House Speaker, Philip Gunn would support the legislation. Speaker … Continue reading “Speaker Gunn talks pros and cons of a state lottery”