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Rep. brings gun to House floor during gun bill debate

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It’s not every day that a gun is brought onto the floor of the Mississippi House of Representatives.

Yesterday, a debate over HB 1083 broke out on the floor of the House as the bill would allow firearms in previously prohibited areas, such as athletic events and government proceedings, if you have an enhanced concealed carry permit.

The bill passed but a motion to reconsider was entered. Today, the lawmakers picked up their debate right where they left off. While several Representatives had safety concerns regarding the bill, Rep. Charles Young made his point by flashing an unloaded gun at the podium.

“I’m sure everyone knows what this,” Young said as he held the gun in the air. “Yesterday, it was expressed to us that the law says that we can bring this in here with this,” Young then raised an ID card. “This is the new concealed carry permit issued by the state of Mississippi.”

Young was making the point that there needed to be more clarity in the laws before his time ran out. Before that, he was able to reference “Joint Law 37” which states that only confirmed law enforcement officials could possess a firearm in the Capitol.

Video of the interaction can be seen below – Rep. Young comes up at the 23:00 mark.

By rule, Young was then escorted out of the chamber after he brought the rule up to House Speaker Philip Gunn. The vote to table a motion to reconsider failed and the passage of the bill remains. It will now be sent to the Senate for consideration.

Because of its potential effect on athletics in Mississippi, the bill has brought a strong reaction from the commissioner of the SEC Greg Sankey, who says that scheduling could be affected for Ole Miss and MSU because of safety concerns over this bill.

MSU President Mark Keenum spoke out in opposition to the bill as well.

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Author of the bill Andy Gipson said in yesterday’s session that no new law is being introduced and that this right has existed since 2011.

The bill does streamline the process for those with the advanced carry permit to file complaints with the Attorney General’s office and potentially sue a public place if they deny those with the permit entrance.

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