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Romney at Mississippi State: Being Born in America is an Extraordinary Blessing

STARKVILLE, Miss.–Being born in America is an extraordinary blessing, is the word from former Massachusetts governor and possible 2016 presidential candidate Mitt Romney to Mississippi State students and people who attended his speech Wednesday.

Romney is one of two possible presidential candidates visiting Mississippi in less than a month’s time. Dr. Ben Carson, noted author and neurosurgeon, is set to speak in Tupelo Feb. 17.

Both are Republicans.

“Ninety-five percent of life is already set if you’re born in America,” Romney said. “Being born in America dn being able to go to a great institution like this one is an extraordinary advantage and I hope you use it well.”

Romney spoke at Lee Hall, which was packed out. It was a paid engagement.

He was critical of both Pres. Obama and another fellow presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton.

“Doesn’t the president understand that some of what we are seeing in the world is in part the result of his timid foreign policy?”

Romney was also critical of the way the State of the Union has been handled, and even suggested a change in format.

“I think it’s helpful to have, not just the president express his views about the way things are going, but have people who oversee those areas also express their views and offer the grades.”

He said people who are responsible for different areas of government ought to be called before Congress to justify their budgets.

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