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Mississippi Becomes First in the Country with Three Statewide Health Systems

JACKSON, Miss– Trauma care, heart attack care, and now stroke care. They are three systems across the state to get you help when it counts the most, and Mississippi is the first state to have them all three in place. 

The three systems have established procedures that equip first responders with everything they need to know to identify and treat life threatening situations, such as with trauma, heart attack, and now stroke.

The systems are called Trauma Care System, ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Care Plan (heart attack, cardiovascular issues), and now the Stroke System of Care. With these, hospitals can designate themselves as “ready” for this situations, should they arise at any moment.

“Mississippians have greatly benefitted from the STEMI and Trauma systems by being transported to the appropriate facility for treatment,” says , Jim Craig, Mississippi Department of Health Director of Health Protection in a statement, “with the stroke system, the same principle is in place.”

Mississippi has two Level 1 stroke centers and four Level 2 stroke centers. Other hospitals stabilize the patient before sending them to the level 1 or 2 facilities.

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