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Daily Digital Jan. 29: Bar Busted by DEA, Three Statewide Care Systems, and Extra Money from Taxes

For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter and today is January 29th.

Cars, Drugs, Bars and busted. Sounds like the plot to a movie but it’s what’s happening in Gulfport. Investigators say the owners of Ice Daquiri Lounge plus another person were busted for trying to buy heroin to sell out of their bar, real estate, a Charger, and cocaine. They were trying to strike a deal with an undercover DEA agent. Carlos Miller and Julie Glass, owners of Ice Daiquiri Lounge along with Randall Sheffield tried to buy a kilo of heroin, for 11 grand, as well as the car, property and cocaine. They were busted on the way to the phony transaction.

Mississippi is now the first state in the country to have three statewide systems of care in place. The Mississippi Department of Health announced a new Stroke System of Care. This way hospitals can designate as “stroke ready.” In these cases, if you suffer a stroke, first responders will know exactly what to do to stabilize you, then you can be transferred to one of the 6 stroke centers in Mississippi. There’s also a system in place for trauma and heart attack care that works the same way. This will not only get you to the best place for care in your situation, it will save time, which is critical when dealing with an emergency.

If you’re wanting to make the most of your W2, Entergy might be able to help. Entergy and United Way are helping working families who qualify for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit get refunds of $2,500 or more through Super Tax Day events. They’ll help you find breaks you may have missed and file the paperwork, which could help you get back more for your refund. Depending on income and the number of family members, some people could see refunds of up to 6,000 dollars.

And Mitt Romney spoke to students at MSU Wednesday. What he says about being born in America at

For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter.

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