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Senator: replace common core, give students a better education

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A senate bill to replace the common core curriculum in Mississippi. Senator Angela Hill along with Senator Michael Watson have sponsored the bill that would effectively end common core.

The bill, SB 2053, has been referred to the Education Committee where it is currently being discussed.

“It basically says that you would replace common core with the standards for four or five states that were clearly superior to the common core standards,” said Senator Angela Hill.

Hill said that standards do not cure anything but they can make things worse and she believes that it is tied to the achievement gap growing since the implementation of common core.

“If there is something better out there, then why didn’t we take it?” Hill said. 

Senator Hill has previously submitted similar bills designed to end common core and was against the curriculum when it was first brought up.

“I told my minority counterparts in the Senate that it was going to happen, I said you are going to see the achievement gap grow when this is implemented,” Hill said. “So, everything that I said has basically come true with this framework.”

Hill said that before common core came to Mississippi the state was leading in international tests for the minority demographic.

“All of that has been erased since we implemented the common core,” Hill said. 

Hill added that the data is there, however she said that people don’t want to look at it.

“You don’t see them looking at the data points…” Hill said. “How we had the lowest SAT scores I think in 2015 in 30 years, how the SAT has been re-written by the college board to make it easier, to make people think that we are doing better than we are.”

The deadline for committees to make a decision on the bills referred to them is Tuesday, January 30th, 2018. If the bill comes out of the education committee, it would head to the Senate floor for a vote.

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